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“Bruce at Essential Energy was a key part in my competitive bodybuilding journey. His ability to pinpoint my pain and muscle impingements and work through them is phenomenal. Bruce explains along the way the different muscle and ligament insertion points, he’s very well versed in the anatomy of the body and understanding each individual part. If you have any pain at all, I
urge you to give Bruce a call and try out his unique Rolfing® techniques.”

"This “hands off” brilliant technique (or Melt Method®) of bodywork meets the needs of today’s hectic lifestyle. It embodies self-assessment, self-treatment, and self-responsibility. Through an organic rebalancing and gentle shifting in the deep tissue, MELT unravels life’s adaptations and brings immediate relief to the body. The transformative possibilities are expansive! As a practitioner myself, this is a dream come true!"

"I’ve worked with Bruce for several years and have been referring my clients to him for over a decade. I’ve seen dozens of clients with chronic nagging pain walk out of his office pain-free and able to continue their training. As a coach and trainer, Bruce’s knowledge and skill is invaluable. In 2019 I was returning to competition after 10 years away and I knew my first stop had to be Bruce’s office. Getting back on stage as a bodybuilder at 50 years old was no small task and Bruce was nothing short of a miracle worker, bringing back mobility and function that had eluded me for years. The value of Bruce’s services can’t be overstated and I continue to recommend him to any of my clients who struggle with pain or mobility issues or just want to perform better."

"As a teacher (or instructor), Bruce’s presence and attention to each individual’s unique process ignites a curiosity towards finding a better balance within their own body’s. Bruce is a compassionate, very skilled practitioner who is wholeheartedly invested in human potential."